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Important Considerations When Building Your Own Dental Practice

Are you contemplating opening a new dental practice? Is it your first time, twice, or more than twice? Congratulations! There is nothing more encouraging than achieving personal growth! However, if you are a new practice owner, it can be quite overwhelming when you have a million things to do – Hill Commercial Construction is here to assist you with opening your own private dental practice.

There are plenty of major decisions that impact your practice success. Here are a few important questions, and pointers to consider while considering new dental office layouts and designs.

Select Your Location

Your practice’s location is important to its success. Before deciding whether to expand your existing practice in the region, you must do your due diligence. Conducting a thorough investigation of the demographics of the town is an important step when thinking about where to build a new practice. A clear understanding of the potential new patient base in the target market is the first step toward opening a successful practice. The initial research helps ensure there is a need for your dental services and you’re not trying move into an area that is oversaturated with dental clinics. People will not seek a new dentist if there is too much competition.

What about space?

The location of your dental clinic is one element to consider, but it’s just as important to consider how to set up and design your new office space. You can help reduce construction costs by finding an existing space that can suit your needs. You may find a suite in a strip mall, or perhaps there is a stand-alone building with enough square footage. If you can’t find an existing space that will suit your long-term goals then you may want to consider ground-up construction.

Once you find the right location or decide that new construction is the route you want to go it is time to think through the details that will impact the patient care.

  • How big do you need your waiting area to be?
  • Where do you want your front desk to be?
  • What is the appropriate number of treatment rooms?
  • Is the parking lot big enough to accommodate new patients as well as your clinical staff members?
  • Will the building layout create an efficient positive experience, or will traffic congestion be a detriment to patient satisfaction?


These types of considerations need to be addressed before construction starts. If you don’t consider every element and evaluate best practices before you start construction it can impact your cash flow if you need to renovate your existing space sooner than you planned.

Organization and workflow

The organization enables a smooth workflow. You’re not running a daycare full of toddlers and baby toys scattered all over. This is a respectable facility, providing dental services to respectable people. Clutter, chaos, and an appearance of disorganization have an impact on the patient experience.


Planning for expansion?

It’s critical to evaluate your future goals for your office at this time when you’re first building your practice. Do you intend to operate alone in your new practice, or will you hire other dental professionals? What kinds of types of services do you want to provide? Think about every facet of your future ambitions. To expand or renovate your building, you will need to assess the whole project expenses carefully.


Building your own dental office for the first time might be daunting. The easiest approach to avoid this is to choose a partner that is familiar with your local construction requirements and the unique needs of a dental clinic.

Contact Hill Commercial Construction today and find out how we can help you with your new dental construction project.