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Ground Up Commercial Construction in Denver

Building from the Ground Up: Your Guide to Ground-Up Commercial Construction


Deciding to expand your business and build a completely new facility is a major decision, and has different considerations when compared to other types of construction projects. Having an experienced team like Hill Commercial Construction is vital in order to execute efficiently and keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Ground-up commercial construction development requires a high level of expertise and extreme attention to detail in all phases of your construction project.


The Benefits of Ground Up Commercial Construction

Ground-up construction offers complete flexibility and customization allowing the building to truly meet the needs of the business.  Every nuance and need can be addressed including workflow, storage, capacity, machinery, parking, and more. Of course, having that level of flexibility may have a higher price tag when compared to renovations, but not always.

Depending on the local real estate market and the availability of current buildings ground-up construction may be a more affordable choice in certain situations. Include the ability to avoid any unforeseen and costly remodeling surprises ground-up commercial construction and have a lower cost than renovations.

From the Ground Up Construction Process

  • Pre-Design Phase: Initial evaluation, setting objectives, and budgeting.
  • Design Phase: Creating detailed blueprints and finalizing project scope.
  • Procurement Phase: Sourcing materials and hiring contractors.
  • Construction Phase: Site preparation, foundation laying, and building erection.
  • Post-Construction Phase: Inspections, documentation, and project handover.

To find out if Groud- Up Commerical Construction or a renovation would be the right approach for your business contact Hill Commercial Constrcuion. We can help you at every stage of your project and advise you on the best way to approach your new construcion.


To find out more about the actual project simply click on the photo to get an understanding of how our process and commitment to quality produce impressive results for Dentists across Colorado and the United States. To get the same results on your dental office construction project contact Hill Commercial Construction Today

Applewood Golf Course
Applewood Golf Course
Country Club Towers
Country Club Towers
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Brix on Belleview