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Veterinary Construction Services from Hill Commercial Construction


Veterinary hospital construction takes passion, precision, and a complete understanding of the unique needs of such facilities. A client needs a partner who will hold their hand from the pre-construction stage to handing over the final space. At Hill Commercial Construction, we provide you with a professional and caring experience as you build your clinic from the ground up or renovate an existing space.

Top-Notch Team with Veterinary Construction Experience

As a client-focused construction company, we approach every project in a unique and customized way. We fully understand that animal clinics have specific architectural and design needs that have to be factored in for the success of the project.
At Hill Commercial Construction, we take away the daunting task of handling such complex projects from the client and execute them in a seamless and precise manner which results in a modern vet facility.

Factors to be Considered in Vet Construction

Whether the project is a design and build or an existing facility that needs renovation, there are critical factors that we consider ensuring we deliver a top-notch facility.

  • • Types of animals to be seen – Whether it’s a simple domestic animal clinic to one that handles exotic animals, every facility has its unique needs. Our team will build a space that accommodates pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, cockatoos, macaws among others. We also have experience building facilities to treat large animals such as horses and cows which require extensive space.
  • • Additional services – As a vet clinic, you may also provide pet and animal owners with additional services such as boarding facilities for sick animals, behavioral training, micro chipping services among others. During construction, we will factor these extra services into the design and execute them to the highest standards.
  • • The number of exam rooms – Examination of a sick animal is a crucial part of veterinary medicine. An adequate number of exam rooms ensures there’s no congestion in the clinic. It also allows the vet to thoroughly examine the sick animal quietly and with the necessary attention needed to make a proper diagnosis.
  • • Future growth – In any business, it’s always important to plan for success. Planning for growth during the initial construction keeps your costs down when you need more space. Our team will plan for this growth during construction and ensure you have adequate space for this expansion.

Vet Building Process at Hill Commercial

In the fast-evolving world of commercial construction, we strive to adhere to the current industry standards for every project. We have in place a strict and project-based veterinary clinic construction process that always guides us before, during, and even after each undertaking. Have a simplified look at each stage:

  • • Consultation – We take time to sit with the client and listen to their vision of the veterinary clinic. Our experienced preconstruction team will assist with initial budgeting, construction development requirements, come up with timelines and life-cycle analysis for each stage among other preliminary requirements for a project.
  • • Vet clinic design – With our team of leading architects, engineers, and other construction experts, we help you come up with a modern and practical vet clinic design. We not only provide you with insights on current construction practices but will help tailor your style and preference into the design.
  • • Construction – As the meat of the project, we ensure every aspect of the client’s needs is factored into the implementation of the construction design. We provide real-time costing feedback and accelerate project delivery to meet the specified timeline. Our engineers and workers adhere to safe practices when on site. We also don’t compromise on the quality of materials used which can make or break the project.

Why Choose Hill Commercial Construction?

Our client-focused approach to veterinary hospital construction has made us the top commercial construction company in Denver CO. We adhere to advanced business practices of professionalism, integrity, and expert craftsmanship which helps us deliver amazing projects. Our highly skilled and experienced team is always willing to listen and turn your dream of a modern vet clinic into a reality. Our rich portfolio of diverse projects is a true testament of what we can deliver.

Need a caring and knowledgeable construction partner for your vet clinic project? Contact Hill Commercial Construction today, and let’s actualize that dream for you!