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Remodeling your commercial building is a significant investment. As such, you want a transparent contractor that maintains high levels of superior craftsmanship and keeps you well-informed every step of the way. By choosing Hill Commercial Construction as your commercial remodeling company, you can trust that your project will be given proper attention and each of your goals is met.

We will maintain constant communication with you and all the stakeholders throughout the project and work together through the planning stages to construction to ensure your project is a success. No matter the size or complexity of your commercial remodeling project, our experienced team of professionals will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Trust us to help you make the best decisions when it comes to updating your commercial space.

Benefits of Remodeling Over Ground-Up Build

Done right, commercial remodeling delivers high ROI while improving property value. Here are some other perks of remodeling:

  • Budget: Commercial remodeling is the best option for giving your building a refreshing, new look without breaking the bank.
  • Financing: Remodeling projects are often easier to finance than ground-up construction. They typically cost less, so you may be able to pay for them, at least partially, with cash. You can also access lines of credit, construction loans, or personal unsecured loans to finance your remodel. What’s more, you can do it phases to minimize borrowing and reduce its impact on your cash flow.
  • Timeline: It takes longer to complete a ground-up project than it takes to finish a remodeling project. Most ground-up projects require approvals from the planning department and other regulatory bodies. This may take a while, causing your project to endure multiple revisions and months of waiting before all relevant agencies give you their green light.

Stages of Commercial Remodel

At Hill Commercial Construction, we apply a client-focused approach in all our projects and always strive to adhere to current industry standards. Our remodeling process includes the following stages:

  • Planning: Years of successful commercial remodeling projects have taught us that there’s no substitute for proper planning. The Hill Commercial Construction team takes the time to become thoroughly familiar with the project and your needs as a business owner. We also do budgeting at this phase and outline the overall scope and challenges of the project.
  • Design/Build: Once we understand your goals and have a solid plan in place, our architects and design team members collaborate with the property owner and other stakeholders to develop a successful design. We ensure the design is aligned with your needs, wants, and budget. Our engineers also assess project feasibility at this stage.
  • Pre-Construction: Here’s where full-fledged project management processes are put in place. We ensure all building permits, inspection reports, and insurance covers are in place and send out a materials list out to vendors for quotes. Our construction experts carry out a site investigation to ensure no unexpected complications such as environmental hazards or health hazards.
  • Construction: The construction phase begins with a meeting organized by the superintendent, where we make decisions regarding work hours, site access, material storage, and quality control. We then perform groundbreaking, and the actual remodeling begins. Depending on the design and functionality, construction activities can include site excavation, roofing, concrete pouring, framing, interior, and exterior work.

Who We Work With

At Hill Commercial Construction, we work on a wide range of remodeling projects of nearly every scope and size for various clients, including:

  • Dental Offices: Remodeling dental offices requires specificity to ensure the environment is optimal for both caregivers and patients. We have extensive experience remodeling dental offices and will develop floor plans that consider dental operations and patient comfort. Our designs will facilitate seamless traffic flow throughout the office for patients and staff members.
  • Medical Practices: Medical practices are designed and constructed much like a hospital but on a smaller scale. From regulations, access, navigation, to patient experience, there are a plethora of factors that we consider remodeling your medical practice. Our architects will ensure your practice is easy to navigate, built to code and is a place of healing that allows your patients and their families to remain calm and tranquil.
  • Veterinary Offices: Animal Care Clinics trust us to design and remodel veterinary offices from the ground up. We understand that these projects are often complex and require a high level of expertise and extreme attention to detail. Our team of experienced and licensed engineers and architects will use the latest design methodologies, technology tools, and sustainability practices to keep your remodeling project on time and budget.
  • Corporate Franchises: We transform brick-and-mortar business into corporate franchises, renovating retail spaces efficiently with speed and quality, and eliminating disruptions to business operations. We flawlessly incorporate the franchise theme and design into your remodel to create a fully customized corporate franchise building.

Call for an Estimate!

Need an experienced and caring construction partner for your next remodeling project? Hill Commercial Construction is your go-to contractor for commercial remodeling in Denver, CO. We will collaborate with you throughout the remodeling process and maintain good communication to ensure your project stays on track and is completed on time and within budget. Contact us today and let us help bring your dreams to life!

To find out more about the actual commercial remodeling project simply click on the photo and learn how our process and commitment to quality produce impressive results for businesses across Colorado and the United States.

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