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Design-Build Projects at Hill Commercial Construction

Design-Build. It’s a logical approach to construction. One team working together from start to finish to complete the entire project. Getting owners to sit down with the architects, builders, engineers, and estimators facilitates open communication and drives the best results.

What is Design-Build in Commercial Construction?

Design-Build is a construction delivery method that creates a single point of contact for both the design and construction phase of a venture. Instead of stakeholders contracting with each group individually the owners contract with one person or company who manages every aspect of a construction project.

  • Estimates,
  • Assessments,
  • Pre-construction,
  • Architecture,
  • Schematics,
  • Engineering,
  • Subcontracting,
  • Construction
  • Post-construction

The Design-Build process

The Design-Build process has five phases:

  1. Choosing the Design-Builder
  2. Pre-construction assessments
  3. Architectural design
  4. Construction
  5. Post-construction

One of the main advantages of using a Design-Build process in commercial construction is overlapping the construction phases. With different construction process each phase must end before another begins. With Design-Build the team members are able to collaborate throughout the process to provide improving communication and limiting problems.

Benefits of the Design-Build Process

The Design-Build construction process provides many benefits and advantages when compared to other construction methods. Some of the most important benefits include rapid delivery, a smoother process, better solutions and improved communication.

Rapid delivery
The Design-Build process allows design and construction to happen at the same time. This combination means that otherwise impractical times lines are become reasonable and projects get finished faster.

Smooth process
Team collaboration, communication and one point accountabliy eliminates problems before they arise. Owners know who to contact and who can make sure to keep a project in-line.

Better solutions and value
Teams work as one entity so ideas can expand beyond traditional ideas and make sure to do what’s right for the job. When everyone keeps one goal in mind owners can see more options, and make better-informed decisions.

Better communication and fewer problems
Delivering a successful Design-Build project requires open collaboration between all team members. Creating a team-oriented approach promotes high levels of communication and transparency, both imperative to the success of any project. It allows owners to share their vision with the team, and align the interests of the stakeholders. The team-oriented approach also provides the collaborative effort necessary to evaluate the project’s objectives, assess schedules and analyze opportunities as the project progresses. As a team, no other group is better qualified to align the owner’s vision with the project’s goals and objectives.
The Design-Build construction process facilitates better communication. Team members are kept up to speed and everyone is working under one contract. Owners are kept informed by a single contact from the Design-Build firm. As a result, even the most complex commercial construction jobs are simplified by a Design Build Process.

Cost Savings with Design-Build
Thanks to the efficiencies in the Design-Build process owners often enjoy a reduction in construction costs. Building smart pays off by reducing real and opportunity costs.

Hill Commercial Construction as a Design-Build partner.

Design-Build is what Hill Commercial Construction does. We work with trusted architects, engineers and construction professionals to create a Design-Build team to perfectly match the needs of your project.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you on your next commercial construction project.

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