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Commercial construction involves building or renovating buildings that are used for commercial purposes. Whereas a residential construction company only deals with the homeowners of the house, a commercial construction company deals with a corporate management team. Commercial buildings are usually more complicated than residential houses, and they involve different permits, codes, and regulations. Hill Commercial Construction in Colorado has the experience you want when you are planning to build one of the following types of commercial buildings.

8 Types of Commercial Construction Projects

1. Restaurants

The success of a restaurant relies heavily on the overall atmosphere and design of the building. The dining area where customers eat will have a unique style that makes people feel welcome and comfortable. If the restaurant is part of a chain, then the design needs to follow the corporation’s guidelines. If the restaurant is located in a beautiful environment, it will probably feature large windows and include an outdoor seating area.

The other part of the restaurant is its kitchen area. Restaurants need to follow many detailed rules and regulations in order to comply to food service codes. It is important to hire a construction company that understands the various codes and knows how to comply with them.

2. Retail

Retail stores can be small, such as a downtown antique shop, or large, such as a mega shopping center or grocery store. If the store is part of a larger corporation, consistency and branding are important. When designing and constructing any retail store, you need to think about the way shoppers move around the store, where the checkout stations are going to be located, and where the new stock will be stored before it is put on the shelves. A retail store should feel welcoming, so customers want to return again and again.

3. Medical Facilities

Examples of medical facilities include doctor clinics, dental offices, optometrist offices, and veterinary offices. These types of buildings are usually designed for supporting advanced technology and instruments that require special wiring and plumbing. Accessibility is also vital. Every type of person needs to be able to get into the building safely and navigate through the corridors and various rooms. There will probably be many different types of rooms inside a medical facility with different requirements and needs in each one. Medical facilities need to be easy to clean because most of them must be sanitized often to control the spread of diseases.

4. Office Space

The construction of the office space will vary depending on the size of the office and what will be inside of it. Some office spaces will be designed and built to hold many employees. Others will have specific needs. For example, an IT office building has to be capable of holding servers, many computers, and other types of technology. A law office will probably need conference rooms, high-end, sound-proofed offices, and bookcases. Some office buildings are several stories high and require elevators, stairways, and fire escapes.

5. Hotels

Guests at a hotel spend a lot of time inside the building, so they expect it to be well-constructed, luxurious, and comfortable. Whether it is a large, multi-story hotel or a smaller lodging facility with only a few rooms, specific regulations for bathrooms, privacy, and fire escapes need to be followed. Because building a hotel can be a very complicated process that needs to reach high standards, some commercial construction companies specialize in this type of building.

6. Institutional

Institutional buildings include schools, libraries, universities, and also hospitals and nursing home facilities. These buildings are designed to hold many people, whether they are students, teachers, office workers, doctors, nurses, or patients. Institutional buildings are usually large projects, and they may require different stages of construction to complete. They will need to follow certain regulations, and it is always important that people can find their way around the building easily. Rooms inside an institutional building may vary greatly, with some requiring special wiring and plumbing, and others needing to be sound-proofed, and so on.

7. Industrial

Safety is one of the most important considerations when building an industrial facility. Factories, warehouses, refineries, and other manufacturing centers need to support heavy equipment and many employees. There will probably be high ceilings and large, open areas. Most industrial buildings include an office section, a loading dock, and plenty of ventilation. 

8. Sports

Sports facilities, such as school gymnasiums, fitness centers, and baseball stadiums, will have special requirements based on the sports and activities being offered inside the facility. Many of these facilities will need special seating solutions because there will be large crowds of fans attending the events. Where there are people, there need to be bathrooms, accessible doors and hallways, and a focus on safety. Some sports facilities, such as an indoor pool, will have unique challenges that need to be solved.

What Type of Commercial Construction Project Are You Planning?

If you are looking for an experienced commercial general contractor to design and build a medical facility or an office building, then you’ve come to the right place. Hill Commercial Construction has the knowledge and skills to undertake your construction project. Contact us and let us know how we can help.